Susie Pourfar

Before working with Christine, I was stuck in patterns of inaction and thoughts that were ruling my behavior. Plus, I wasn’t dreaming big enough! Christine got me focused and taking action around changes I wanted in my life.  She got me to take an honest look at myself and my behavior around money and relationships. Whether encouraging me to get online and make a dating profile and go out on dates, make the improvements in my apartment I had so long been putting off, or keeping up my financial goals – she was all about personal accountability and responsibility. There’s no shame or guilt in the way she works. She also pointed out the ways I was keeping my head in the sand around money – an uncomfortable issue for me since my childhood. I was not willing to honestly look at what I had and how I was spending it, either out of fear, shame, or a refusal to “grow up” around money. What Christine is so good at is being a coach and cheerleader who can help you commit to making your actions match your words! I’d recommend Christine to anyone looking to grow into someone who is responsible for their actions and for anyone with a desire to live a fuller life and live up to their highest potential!