Njeri Jones

It has truly been a great joy working with Christine. I have experienced wonderful benefits such as a renewed clarity on a variety of issues that I was struggling with and a greater sense of stability and peace with where I am in my life now.  Before working with Christine: I was in a very negative space mentally and emotionally because I had just finalized my divorce. I was also struggling with some personal relationships that were causing a lot of anxiety within me. In addition, I had been going to therapy but felt as if something was missing and I needed something deeper.  I began to coach with Christine, and it has been life changing ever since! She has helped me to redefine my beliefs that weren’t healthy raise my sense of self-worth and self-love. As a result of these shifts, I have since been able to better navigate and stand taller through the issues that arise pertaining to my divorce and friendships. I have made a lot of positive shifts in my thinking. I’m learning to fully embrace myself for who I am (flaws and all), and I can say with more confidence than ever before that I am loved, and I am enough. I am truly thankful!