Dr. Liz Lasky

Christine Young has been instrumental in helping me identify and live the life of my dreams. She is the perfect balance of warm, sweet, smart, and that kick in the ass that you need! With her coaching, I have become a Ph.D., written a book, created Master’s level university courses, and am living a life that I have designed – along with creating my own talk show. Most importantly she has helped me realize that my dreams are within reach and I can achieve anything I put my mind to.  Christine tells it like it is and sometimes it is stuff that is very hard to hear. But she finds a way to say what no one else will say – my great friends, awesome family, inner voice – while remaining supportive and not making me insanely angry. Then, we figure out how to turn it around together. In a nutshell, that honesty and focus are what makes this experience so remarkable.