Ali Marsal

Before working with Christine, I undervalued the importance of my time and the degree of control I have in determining how it is spent, then I realized that my time is not only valuable, but mine to dole out. I have watched myself steadily evolve from a mentally and emotionally exhausted people-pleaser, into a more empowered, present, and effective wife, businesswoman, daughter, sister, and friend. With every coaching exercise, Christine has helped me to become more aware of my behavioral traits and the triggers that ignite them. This exploration in self-awareness, coupled with daily practices in saying “no,” has changed my life and relationships in material ways. No longer just “doing” – as I hammer through my To-Do list – but “being.” Being more present – being in the relationships and activities that bring me most joy and fulfillment – has given me a level of peace and space that I didn’t think I could find in a jam-packed schedule. My mother and I argue far less – and when we do disagree, I can express myself more effectively and constructively. I have repaired friendships with my brother and sister-in-law in authentic ways which has brought me such joy and allowed me to become closer to my baby niece. With my husband, I have learned to speak my mind in the moment, rather than allowing issues to fester (until they explode); he and I both have become more at ease, having more confidence that we truly know what each other needs to feel successful.