Coaching is a partnership


Coaching is not about telling you how to think or what to do. It’s listening coupled with guidance. Together we explore, identify and map out ways to get you moving towards your goals, and faster! Coaching isn’t a lifelong commitment - it’s a process that trains you to jump over the hurdles put in your path - those that are just there because, well, it’s life and those that pop up unexpectedly.

Coaching is a question-based process focused on setting goals, taking action and achieving sustainable results.

Unlike therapy which often looks to resolve the past, coaching focuses on the present and your future.

Coaching provides clarity, the ability to identify what is not working and the self-confidence to change it.

Who is coaching for?

My clients come to coaching because they want things to be different – they want change or have important goals to reach. For coaching to work, you have to be ready to explore, change, learn, and take risks - even when it’s difficult! Ready to be honest about what is and isn’t working in life and to take responsibility for your part in it.  Coaching also requires a commitment to investing the time and energy in YOURSELF.

What will coaching do for me?

My focus is on what you want.  I care that you create what you say you want, that you follow through when you choose.  My role is to hold you accountable and keep you moving forward towards your goals. 

My goal is for you to experience a shift from our very first session.  After a coaching session, you should expect to have a direction with specific action steps. Having a clear vision and seeing yourself take action typically results in a renewed sense of confidence and a better outlook on whatever challenges you face. 

How do we work together? 

How long does it take?

Coaching sessions can be done via phone, online or in-person.  Sessions are typically an hour long and expect to have three sessions per month.  I offer several different coaching programs. When we connect, together we will determine which is the best fit for you. Typically you will have action steps to take and/or written homework in between sessions.  The amount of time you invest in between our calls is up to you but correlates with the speed by which you experience results.

Shouldn’t I be able to do this on my own?

We are all so perfectly human and often need outside help and guidance for a variety of reasons.  It takes courage to ask for assistance and to make a commitment to yourself. If you think about the most significant things you have accomplished in life to date, typically it's with the support and help of others.  You don't have to struggle on your own and if you haven't seen consistent progress - hiring a coach is a solution. Typically, with the coaching structure, tools, accountability, and support you can achieve your dreams and goals at a quicker pace.  We partner to set clear goals and determine the best path to get you there.  Working with a coach gives you an extra edge and makes all the difference.