New 6-week signature program
in collaboration with
Nutritionist Meredith Price

Revitalized is a 6-week group program conducted virtually and designed provide a long-term approach to making consistent choices and building a foundation for sustainable health and happiness.  The program is devoted to helping you shed excess weight, boost energy, eat well, feel your best, and stick with it!


  • 6 one-hour live group coaching calls

  • Email support for questions in between calls

  • Tailored meal plan and recipes by Meredith Price

  • Accountability, structure, and support

  • Tools and strategies to keep you motivated and on track

  • An ability to support your physical changes with your mind and trust in yourself going forward


  • Monday evenings from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm ET

  • Program begins Monday, April 29 and runs through June 10th.
    (There will be no call on 5/27 due to the Memorial Day holiday.)

  • Conducted virtually via phone

  • All calls will be recorded in the event you miss a session


  • One payment of $425

  • Register by April 12th to take advantage of early bird pricing of $375


Week 1:

  • Introduction and overview of the meal plan. Focus is on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

  • Goal setting and making yourself a priority.

  • Tools for staying focused and motivated

Week 2:

  • How to add in more plant-based foods.

  • Importance of fiber for weight loss, satiety, and energy.

  • Overcoming obstacles and learning to manage your mind.  

Week 3:

  • Gut Health, Prebiotics & Probiotics: what these are, why they’re important for health and weight management, food sources, and supplementation.

  • Importance of breakfast - how it fuels and gives energy, can reduce weight, and lead to lasting health changes.

  • Identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

Week 4:

  • Managing emotional eating and cravings.  

  • Healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth.

  • Understanding the power of your emotions.  Using strategies to address feelings instead of burying them with food.   

Week 5:

  • Hydration: why it’s key, how to do it optimally, and common mistakes.

  • The importance of snacks: tips, ideas, and where snacks fit best for you.

  • The path to prioritizing yourself.  Communicating your needs, asking for help and  how to say “no”,

Week 6:

  • Plateauing after weight loss.

  • Connection between sleep and weight.

  • The importance of physical activity in conjunction with a healthy diet, tips on fueling your exercise routine.

  • Wrap up and your commitment going forward.