Anna - the end of her story and a special offer

After staring down her wardrobe feeling disappointed in herself, Anna put on an outfit that made her feel frumpy but at least she was out the door and on her way to work.

She sat at her desk wondering why she kept doing the same thing over and over.

Anna realized she put off making changes for months and even years - not just with food choices but across several areas of her life.

If you haven't guessed - Anna's story is actually MY story. 

And I can tell you I have met and worked with hundreds of women who share a similar experience.

Here’s what I learned:

Under all those justifications and stories I told myself…

  • I was responsible for keeping myself stuck and equally accountable for taking steps to move forward.  

  • There was nothing "wrong" with me except I was consumed by fear.  Often not even realizing it was fear.

  • Fear often showed up for me as the desire to be perfect believing that would keep me safe from failure or judgment.  Sometimes fear looked like overwhelm - keeping myself too busy to make time for things I said mattered.  And I frequently cited confusion as an excuse - waiting until I was sure what was the "right" next step. 

In reality, it was more comfortable for me to do nothing and keep believing the lie I would start "tomorrow".  I was so resistant to feeling certain emotions my mind created stories that felt "real" to me.

The negative self-talk sabotaging my eating habits was also why I didn’t have the relationship or the job I wanted. 


  • It’s OK to be afraid, everyone is afraid. 

  • And feeling fear isn’t a bad thing; it just means you are growing.

I created a group coaching program just for women like me who are tired of not keeping their promises to themselves and continue to put off building a healthy foundation. This group is not just about what you eat, at the core, it's designed to train you to show up for yourself and hold the trust and confidence you can stick to it!

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Christine Young