Why you may be stuck in a rut

After yesterday’s disappointing debacle of overeating, procrastinating at work and hiding from the world all evening with Netflix and some ice cream, Anna woke up feeling less than well-rested but determined to make changes TODAY.

She thought, “OK, I hit snooze a few times more than I wanted but had a healthy smoothie for breakfast, got to work on time and signed up for my favorite spin class.”

“I’m even going to cancel my plans for tonight so I won’t be tempted!”

Now it is 3 pm and Anna has purposely skipped lunch. Her sabotaging inner dialogue begins:

“Ugh – I feel like crap.  I’m hungry and bored.  Why do I feel even worse today than I did yesterday? Why is this so hard? Maybe I don’t really care so much and it doesn’t even matter.  Nothing is going to change anyway.”

Anna was reminded about some after work drinks –  a farewell party for that guy in the art department she barely knows.

She thought, “I don’t want to go, everyone will be eating and drinking crappy bar food.  But I have to or it will look bad.  I’ll just have some sparkling water, stay for an hour and go home.”

Several hours and 2 glasses of wine later…..

“I’m so hungry, I’ll just have a few fries.  OMG, I just ate that entire bowl of nuts.  Oh, screw it.  I don’t care. I deserve to enjoy myself.”

The next morning, standing in front of her closet trying to find something to wear AGAIN, Anna just wanted to go back to bed.

She thought about starting over again today but, honestly, knows herself too well.

Anna is disappointed, discouraged and totally unmotivated.  The workday ahead feels unmanageable, she’s definitely not going to call that client today, workout or respond to the friend who wants to get together.

So where does that leave Anna?

Since Anna makes commitments to herself and rarely keeps them, it leaves her with little to no trust in her word to HERSELF!

She promises to look for a new job but doesn’t even update her resume, she vows to go to bed early yet watches TV until 1 am, she commits to a budget and goes overboard online shopping.

Anna breaks promises to herself, AGAIN and AGAIN, and AGAIN.

Not one of those broken commitments is a big deal, but the false promises pile up day after day until Anna has a stack so high she can’t even trust herself to lay off the sugar for one night, let alone believe she is capable of building that great life she really wants.

The good news is Anna has a choice.

We all have a choice – every day!

But nothing is going to change if you keep thinking and doing things the same way day after day.

Stay tuned for part three of Anna's saga.

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Christine Young