How to fall in love with your body


In honor of #loveyourbody month, I wanted to talk about how to be happier!

Happiness is one of the most amazing emotions we can experience. Not only does it make us feel good in the moment, it’s also essential to living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Happiness has all kinds of healthy benefits for your body and mind too! This isn’t just about feeling more moments of happiness but also creating long-term happiness in your life.

Of course there are things out of our control that affect our happiness, but there are things we can do for our body and our mind to promote being happier in life overall. What are the practices or habits you do for yourself that bring you more happiness? Share them here or come over to the Facebook page.

 We need our body and mind to work together to feel good to be at our best!

Here are 8 proven strategies to bring more happiness into your life right now!

1.Choose Happiness:  Make a conscious choice to boost your happiness. Every day in each moment you have a say in how you feel and approach life. Start each day with the intention to be happy.  It’s easier said then done (I know), but make it a point to pause throughout the day and check in with yourself.  The important thing to remember is that you DO have a lot power over your thoughts and feelings!

You may not choose what the situation is, but you CAN choose how to react to it. Small changes in your behavior and routine lead to big changes in your life. For example, next time you’re stopped at a traffic light, instead of being impatient or distracted, use the opportunity to take a deep breath, smile, and choose a better state of mind. In the beginning you may need to set reminders for yourself (yes, your smartphone can also be your happiness phone) – think of it as building your mind muscle!  We often get so wrapped in getting to whatever place we think is going to be ‘there’, that we rarely enjoy the present and general happiness in daily life falls off the priority list. It may seem uncomfortable, maybe even odd to you at first, but it is no different than training your body. 

As you train your brain to make conscious decisions to slow down and choose a sunnier disposition, the more natural it becomes.  You will find you are no longer living for the future of when you might get ‘there’ and rather you start living happier in the present on the journey!

2.  Have an Attitude of Gratitude: Acknowledge a few things that make you grateful daily. Write them down in a journal or simply say them out loud to yourself. Focusing on what you are grateful helps to shift complaints and upsets.

3.  Wake-up Earlier:  It’s essential to start your day out right without rushing and also giving yourself enough time for a meaningful morning routine. This isn’t about sleeping less, it means going to bed early enough to get the sleep you need. Try swapping your late evening down time to the morning and you’ll see a noticeable difference mentally and physically.

4.  Exercise:  Move your body every day. This may simply be a brisk walk or stretching routine and other days you can choose working up a sweat doing whatever activity you love. Exercise has a profound effect on the body and the mind. It’s one of the best natural stress relievers and mood enhancers available!

5.  Hydrate and Fuel Your Body:  It’s a privilege to be able to nourish your body with healthy, nutrient packed foods. Your body takes you everywhere you need to and has incredible abilities. Choose foods that make you feel clear, strong and energetic throughout the day. Make sure to keep your body well hydrated with lots of water too!

6.  Create Space to Listen and Connect to Yourself and Your Body:  Set aside some quiet time with yourself daily. The morning is a great time to take a few minutes to clear your mind. Check in with yourself and set intentions for the day. You may choose to meditate, journal or just sit still. Spend a few minutes with just YOU each morning and create a positive shift in the way your day goes.

7.  Practice Forgiveness:  Holding grudges and stewing over something can affect you physically and mentally. It’s important to practice forgiveness to manage these feelings. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what someone did wasn’t wrong but forgiving gets rid of the negative power the upset has over you.

8.  Be of Service to Others:  Make an effort put some attention on people you interact with during your day. Take the time to stop and really listen, say thank you and help with small caring gestures when you can. Giving of yourself not only helps others but makes you feel better too.