How much is not feeling great in your body costing you?


I paid a high price for many years.

Even though everything looked OK on the outside, my mind was busy waging a battle with my body and food.

It not only affected my health and wellness but also my relationships, my job and, most importantly, my confidence and self-trust in ME.

I was living a small life. 

I knew it. I kept promising I would “start tomorrow”. I kept selling out on myself. I kept feeling bad about it and about myself.

I had always thought my willpower was the issue and if I just tried harder with my food choices it would all come together. But, if the approach stays the same then the result will be the same.

So I went on a journey of reading, learning and trying different approaches. I realized it was not just about food and willpower – in fact it all started with my thoughts. I took a good look inside my head and became painfully aware of my sabotaging patterns and beliefs. Then I got to work deciding what and how I really WANTED to think.

The choice was always mine and I chose to stay stuck. I just didn’t know it. That awareness was more powerful than I ever imagined. It’s the catalyst to change.

I learned to trust myself to push through fear, handle uncomfortable feelings and situations and still be OK.

 What I ended up gaining was confidence.

I learned to show up for myself and do my best to live up to my own ideals around food and my body consistently. Some days I didn’t feel like it but I learned tools to stay focused and do it anyway. 

I want that for any woman who is suffering over food and body.

I’ve partnered with functional nutritionist Dana James [ ] to create a very special program to get you started on that path. The Illuminated Woman is a 6-week group that promises to transform not only how you look at your body and food, but also how you show up in the world.

I invite you to register for my 6-week group program designed to get you the results you’ve been dreaming of and putting off.


* Seven-day meal plans for each week – these are plant-rich plans that can be adjusted for a vegan diet.
* 70-minute live calls for 6 consecutive weeks.
* Your own 45-minute private coaching call with me to tackle specific concerns.
* Emails to troubleshoot and remind you that you’re supported on this journey.
* Instagram food photos to be inspired by and to inspire.
* Commitment to each other and ourselves to stay motivated, focused and nourished over this 6-week program.


* Kick off call Tuesday, May 31st @8pm ET. The following 4 calls will be Monday evenings (June 6th, June 13th, June 20th and June 27th) @8pm. The final call will be Tuesday, July 5th @8pmET.
* All calls conducted via phone and are recorded in case you miss one.


* My 7-day Brain & Body Boot Camp program, featuring fitness guru Amanda Russell of, with streaming video and mind exercises.
* Unlimited body composition readings in NYC and LA.
* 1lb raw, organic Beauti-fuel protein powder developed by Dana James.